Abundance Clinic with Adamus Saint-Germain - Part 2

Part 2 (View part 1 here http://youtu.be/K-ulqznscKA)
Abundance is a challenging issue for many people on the spiritual path. There are strong overlays about money being “the root of evil” and many people have taken vows of poverty in this or past lifetimes as part of their spiritual journey. On a more practical basis, many simply don’t have a financial or business background, and therefore believe that they don’t know how to make or manage money.

In this much exciting and provocative clinic, Adamus® Saint-Germain (channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe) will help you understand the resistance to abundance, and give you the tools to break through the barriers in order to receive what you need and deserve in your life.

This clinic is Adamus’ gift to any spiritual students that are tired of struggling with abundance issues.

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