Amor Verdad Belleza Pureza * Luis Paniagua & Netanel Goldberg * Silent Music Retreat * 2016

Amor Verdad Belleza Pureza.
Music and Words by Luis Paniagua, Ancient Greek Lyre and Voice.
Improvisation by Netanel Goldberg, Voice.
Telephone recording by Tetsiea Blijham, thank you.
Sound edition in SILENTIUM studio by Luis Paniagua in Mojacar, Spain.

Silent Music Retreat (Sound & Silence Festival) Gayatri Mandir, Arillas – Corfu – Greece, July 2016.

Thank you very, very much dear Tetsiea Blijham for capturing this moment.
The story is that, the day before of this video moment, Netanel Goldberg and I meet for the first time waking around the hotel pool. He told me “Luis I like your music very much and I want to sing with you” I never had heard him before singing but intuitively I told him “Yes Netanel, tomorrow from 12 to 13h I will play Ancient Greek Lyre Meditation, I invite you to join me on the stage”. It was a blessing to pay atention to the intuition, a gift to meet Netanel and to sing together Amor Verdad Belleza Pureza, Love Truth Beauty Purity, αγάπη αλήθεια ομορφιά αγνότητα (Agápi Alícia Omorfiá Agnótita) in the Silent Music Retreat after Sound & Silence Festival the 17th of July of 2016. Luis Paniagua. "