Relaxing Meditations ♫ Native American Flute & Gentle water stream - Nature sounds ♫ 2 Hours

2 HOURS Relaxing Meditations: Native American Flute music ♫ with Nature sound compilation water stream, ocean waves echo, birds, bees, wind - Asmr
"Echoes of Native Flute" ♫ 2 hours by 1HarryH

in this video used music and sounds:
1. flutedance.mp3 by kerri

2. Nature sounds compilation © 1HarryH
water stream, birds, bees, wind, echo of ocean waves

The above-mentioned music and amplified sounds (water stream , ocean waves sound) edited and connected to video`s original sounds (sound of water, birds, bees). Used the Audacity and WMM programs 8.Oct. 2015 by 1HarryH

video © 1HarryH

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