New Nassim Haramein Proving How Mainstream Physics is Wrong [FULL VIDEO]

Nassim Haramein presents new evidence that mainstream physics is wrong on many levels. Haramein is a theoretical physicist noted for his “spacetime torque” model of stellar movement,, which is based on the inclusion of torque and Coriolis force terms in Einstein’s field equations to formulate a universal model of “spin”. On this basis, in contrast to the big bang model, Nassim outlines a torus shaped infinite universe model, in a way that everything is connected, humans included.

Haramein touches on a mixture of thermodynamics, information, and energy exchange with a person’s boundary, speaking about things deteriorating towards entropy, but all-in-all the discussion seems to diverge into the metaphysical, to a large part, e.g. speaking about the hidden energies of the structure of the vacuum, auras, consciousness or awareness. .
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