Estas Tonne ‖ Joseph Pepe Danza ‖ Zola Dubnikova @ Sound & Silence Festival [Day III Part I]

This video is from Sound & Silence festival in Corfu one of the greenest islands of Greece archipelago. Very special festival which lasted for 6 days and gathered people from all around the globe. It is an evening performance of day III with Estas & Pepe joined by mesmerizing dancer Zola Dubnikova.

Special thank you goes to:
Sound & Silence festival

The magicians without whom this
co-creation would not be possible
Estas Tonne ‖ Joseph Pepe Danza ‖ Zola Dubnikova

Sound recording by Bognár Zsolt

Sound mastering Leon Galperin

People behind the cameras
Josh Allen - Josh Allen Images

Rene Horsthuis - Inspiratie Filmpjes

Indrė Kuliešiūtė

Fairies & angels who helped to coordinate this event
Sound & Silence Team

Mastermind behind it all
Sarvaan Ziva

Cicadas which implicitly contributed to the atmosphere
Ever so beautiful Peacocks
Audience which was the supporting force of the space
Corfu Island & All Friends surrounding us.

Edited by Geri Dagys "