Presence & Absence

This is a talk originally given by the master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, translated from French and scripted in the book Life Force.

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OMA was a true spiritual master who passed away in 1986. I stumbled across his work by pure chances and discovered a wealth of wisdom that's been largely untapped by the world. Many of the words are not my own, though they've been remixed and decontextualized in many ways for the modern world. Omraam puts into words so much of my own thought and experience, but with the eloquence that one of true wisdom and experience could only manifest.

It is a crime how little known his work is and it is my belief that if he were alive today this is how he would want his message to spread. His teachings were almost entirely oral and what little is available is mostly in French. I take little credit for myself as I could never speak so eloquently. I can only hope to spread the love, wisdom, and truth of his message before its lost in antiquity.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Love and Light
- Leo Blaise

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