Sadhguru - Are you capable of doing anything else except waiting?

-importance of waiting
-waiting as a quality
-You can only wait upon somebody or something, when you do not think much of yourself.
-If you’re absolute nothing, you can wait on anything.If you think too much of yourself, you cannot wait upon anything or anybody.
-One who does not think much of himself can simply wait.
- I am not asking you to wait, there is simply nothing else to do
-are you capable of doing anything else except waiting?
- waiting is not about time, waiting is a certain quality.
-If You have a exaggerated sense of who you are, you cannot wait.
If you think you are a king you cannot wait.
When you see the reality of who you are in this existence, only then you can wait.
-stop the lies that you're creating,that is all the sadhana.

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