What Happens When You Think Too Much ? Sadhguru Samyama

Don't miss to celebrate Mahashivratri with Sadhguru in the presence of Adiyogi at the Isha Yoga Center.
Nightlong on March 4, from 6PM. Music, dance, meditation with Sadhguru and more.


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"Sadhguru Samyama" is a tool to receive deeper
knowledge by Sadhguru.

According to Sadhguru "Sadhguru" is not a title. It is a description.
Which means "Uneducated Guru."

The process of combined simultaneous practice of
Dharana (concentration),
Dhyana (meditation) & Samadhi (union) is collectively known as Samyama.

The unanswered questions from generations are answered by Sadhguru and it is continued . . . "