Quarks, Proton, Electron and Photon Interaction. Fundamental Nature of Reality

Is it possible to have an objective understanding to the subatomic world of Quarks, Protons and Neutrons that fits in with the reality of our everyday life? The subatomic world of Quarks, Protons and Neutrons is very different to our everyday life with the flow of time with a future and a past! The link between the two seems to be the light photon oscillation or vibration. Light Photons are responsible for all electron and proton interactions everything we do in our everyday life from moving a mouse to control our computer to dancing upon a dance floor relies on the exchange of photon energy! This energy is shifting and changing electric and magnetic fields! This also represents the flow of positive and negative charge that had it origin with the positive Protons and negative electrons. Therefore we can see a link between the subatomic world and the fundamental nature of reality of everyday life!