Top Sai Bhajan ( Sai Baba Full Song )

Top Sai Bhajan ( Sai Baba Full Song )

1. Om Sai Namo Namaha - 00:00
2. Chale Re Jana Sai Dham Ko - 05:31
3. Jai Jai Jaikar Ho Shirdi Ke Lal Ki - 12:12
4. Mere Dil Ke Kone Me - 19:42
5. Sadguru Sai SaiBaba Re - 28:31
6. sai raja hai mera - 35:41
7. Sai Se Dil Laga - 40:20
8. Sai Se Savera Mera - 45:45

Sai baba is a popular figure among Hindus as well Muslims. It is believed that he was an incarnation of God. Sai baba's teachings combined both the elements of Hinduism and Islam. He taught the code of love, tolerance, contentment, charity and inner peace. His teachings can be summarized under his one epigram 'Sabka Malik Ek Hai' meaning God is one. It is believed that if one observes vrata or fast on nine consecutive Thursdays, the person is blessed by Sai baba. All the desires of the person is fulfilled and he/ she is blessed with prosperity and success. Many devotees of Sai baba have been said to be benefited by this Thursday vrata. This is a simple vrata and does not need very hard penance. So, if you are planning to observe Sai baba's Thursday vrata then here are a few things that you should know and follow to get His blessings

1. This vrata can be observed by anyone, irrespective of any caste or religion.

2. This vrata should be started on a Thursday only.

3. You have to fast for nine consecutive Thursdays after that.

4. During the fast, you are not expected to go empty stomach. You have to eat fruit, milk, juices etc. and you can have only one meal a day.

5. If possible, you should visit a Sai temple on Thursday.

6. At home, you are supposed to pray in the morning as well as in evening.

7. To go about the prayer, you have to first place a wooden board in a clean place. Cover the board with a clean, yellow cloth and place Sai baba's statue or picture on it. Put some kumkum on the forehead of the statue or picture. Offer flower garlands and fruits to the deity. Read Sai baba's book of teachings (called Chalisa) and then after completing it, distribute the food offered to the deity.

8. On the ninth Thursday, feed 5 poor people.

9. If a woman misses a Thursday vrata due to menstrual cycle, then she can skip that
Thursday and resume next week.

By following these simple steps you can attain the blessings of Sai baba and get your wishes fulfilled

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