We have a discovery: the future of the Higgs boson

We have a discovery: the future of the Higgs boson.

Panel discussion with Professor Ben Allanach, Professor John Ellis CBE FRS, Professor Tara Shears, Professor Terry Wyatt FRS and chaired by Alok Jha.

'We have a discovery. We have observed a new particle consistent with a Higgs boson. It is a milestone, I think we can all be proud.' These were the words of Rolf Heuer, CERN Director General, on 4th July 2012, when a ground-breaking moment in particle physics arrived after an ongoing search of half a century for the elusive 'God particle'. But what does this actually mean to us, and what does the future look like? Our panel of experts discussed what the hunt was all about, the importance and broader implications of the discovery, and what we are now planning to do moving forwards.

6:30pm-8:00pm on Tuesday 20 May 2014 at The Royal Society, London. See our website for more: https://royalsociety.org/events/2014/we-have-a-discovery/

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