What We Know About Baby Yoda's Species In The Mandalorian

Everything You Need To Know About Baby Yoda
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We can’t all agree on anything in the world, but the one thing we can agree upon, is that we would do anything for Baby Yoda.
The tiny green creature who was introduced at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian broke the internet when he first appeared, and hasn’t let go of our hearts ever since. So much so, that we want to know more about Baby Yoda, and where it comes from!
First of all, we know that it isn’t actually the baby version of Yoda, but because we haven’t been given a name for the little creature yet, we’re going to stick with it. We also know very, very little about Baby Yoda! We don’t know if it’s a boy, or a girl, or even has a gender at all! Aside from being adorable, the rest is a pretty big mystery.
But that has always been the case with Yoda, and not by accident! George Lucas purposefully never filled in the blanks about Yoda and where he came from. He always intended for the Jedi Master to be something of a secret, a wise stranger who came in and out of his own free will. We got little bits, like the fact that we was 900 years old and had been training jedis for the last eight centuries, but other than that, not much! We’re sure The Mandalorian is going to let us in on some other details about the Baby Yoda species, but for now, check the video below to find out everything that we know!

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